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by killabytenow at gmail.com

What's that?

Stacktrace is a little utility library, that permits to print the contents of the stack in a readable manner, when some event is received or when program decides to print it (for debugging purpouses, maybe).

The look'n'feel of the printed stacktrace is similar to java's stacktrace, but symbol names are fetch from the binary ELF structures.

Current version is 1.2.1 (See Changelog section below)

Where is the documentation?

You will find all necessary information in the stacktrace's README.

I want download it!

You can download stacktrace source code from this link.


Version 1.2.1

2010-07-20 Gerardo García Peña <[email protected]<
* Alt signal stack: stacktrace signals are executed in an alternative stack, so they don't add noise to output. Also now is possible to manage stack overflow (SIGSEGV) errors.
* EIP printed: prints pointer to the faulty instruction if a SIGILL, SIGFPE, SIGSEGV or SIGBUS signal is received.
* Maps and moar: Maps and other useful post-mortem info is printed too.
* Cleaner code.

Version 1.2.0

2009-12-11 Gerardo García Peña <[email protected]<
* Version: it provides new functions to get or check stacktrace version number.
* (pancake's patch) Ported to Solaris: Some fixes for Solaris.

Version 1.1.1

2009-12-09 Gerardo Garc�a Pe�a <[email protected]<
* Bugfix: initialization routine always hooked up signals.
* Set output file: now it is possible to select output file descriptor.

Version 1.1.0

2009-12-01 Gerardo García Peña <[email protected]<
* Build bugfixes: Improved build logic.
* Stacktrace wrapper: added a shell script to simplify stacktrace usage.
* Installation script: makefile now has a install target.
* Bugfixes: other minor changes to improve usability.

Version 1.0.0

2009-11-25 Gerardo García Peña <[email protected]<
* Initial Revision: First public version of Stacktrace.