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gDVB is a DVB channels manager that allows you to scan different satellites, save your favorite channels list, and view local files.

Download gdvb-0.5.tar.gz

*NOTE* The 0.5 release is some kind of not-finished monster, so there'r non-translated parts. Some semi-implementations and other nasty stuff. Is rather better than 0.4, any volunteer for translations? O:)

The 0.5 release adds a lot of new stuff like detailed view of channel information panels, verbose messages, notify player status in stusbar and ~/.gdvb/status. Now you can create your hand-made DVB transponder descriptors easily. It also fixes some eyecandy bugs, a .desktop file for freedesktop integration. Some initial of the streaming and publishing engine has been done. Adds 'unistanll' target in makefile.