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Welcome to nopcode!

2012-06-04 : AnonTwi

AnonTwi: Shell client to have more privacy on Twitter -- Download it!

2012-04-25 : CIntruder - "the captcha intruder"

CIntruder: Captcha Intruder is an automatic pentesting tool to bypass captchas -- Download it!

View video: Cracking captcha from url

2011-09-07 : xsser is here

xsser: automatic tool for pentesting XSS attacks against different applications, is now in nopcode.org.

Download directly the last version (v1.6b)!

2009-12-04 : stacktrace

Sometimes have you seen somebody coding with Java printing nice stacktraces in the middle of the night without honor and humanity? We know that you liked it, but we'll keep your secret. Java is 4lusers.

But now it is possible to print nice stacktraces with your GCC/GNU/LINUX too, like in Java! (not only pointers, internal symbol names included - and colors in the future)

stacktrace is a dynamic library designed to print stacktraces at runtime. You can link it against your programs, or preloading it with your binaries. It comes in three flavours: static library (libstacktrace.a), shared library (libstacktrace.so), and LD_PRELOAD object (stacktrace.so).

stacktrace project will be hosted in nopcode.org.

2009-07-18 : dosis is here

dosis project will be hosted in nopcode.org. Download it now! Internet Sodomization begins!

2009-02-26 : mercurilizing

I have just moved some projects from their native PVC repositories into the new HG one found here.

There are some minor fixups for ACR and rss2html. And a new program for the nopcode collection: Cake. A minimalistic c-based tool for replacing make and autotools.

2008-07-10 : boring nights?

I write a simple commandline client for identi.ca which uses the Free miniblogging system "laconica". Enjoy! http://www.nopcode.org/identi.txt

2008-07-03 : servers moved

These days we have moved the mail, web and jabber servers of nopcode. Everything is working fine again :) Sorry for the noise

2008-04-23 : radare ported to iPhone

The debugger plugin is missing for this build, but I plan to have a basic debugger for the upcoming 0.9.5 before a month :) Thanks paul and ero!

Click here to download.

2008-04-14 : Forum for radare

- A punbb forum has been installed in http://radare.nopcode.org/forum.

Feel free to contribute!

2008-03-25 : Servers are back

- We're restoring most of the nopcode services to a new server. In consequence, we decided to change the web for 'wk' a minimalistic wiki initially written in shellscript and recently ported to php. I will make the source available when finished :)

Click here to visit the old 2.0 web.

Enjoy the new site